About - Grant Whitty

Hey There!

My name is Grant Whitty. I am a professional photographer born and raised in Eastern Iowa, and currently residing in the great city of Fort Collins, Colorado. I am in my final year of study at Colorado State University, majoring in Journalism and Media Communication, with minor studies in Photography and Graphic Design. 

In January of 2019, I will begin my work as a missionary through an organization known as FOCUS, or the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. I will be sent to a college campus somewhere in the United States to spread the Good News of the Gospel and create Christ-Centered community with the students of that campus. 

Since my decision to serve in mission, I have began exploring different ways to use photography to Glorify the Father and bring others closer to the person of Jesus Christ. I thank you for visiting my site, and appreciate your interest as I pursue this theo-creative adventure.  


Grant Whitty

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